All profit payments are made using one of the following options: Transferwise, Revolut, PayPal, and/or Bank
The evaluation profit payment

Evaluation Phase

• LucidFX pays the net profits to the funded trader, once s/he achieves the milestone
profit target, in one lump sum payment at the end of the evaluation.
• If the funded trader fails the evaluation with a profit, LucidFX Funding Program still pays the net profit due to the funded trader.

Portfolio Managers Phases

• LucidFX pays for net profits to the portfolio manager (PM) traders at long as the trader has made net profit in the current month relative to the previous month.
• All Portfolio Manager Phases profits are paid out during the 1st week of the month.
• There is no minimum requirement for the profit withdrawal. LucidFX Funding Program will never stop the portfolio manager from withdrawing s/he profit share upon request, as long as it is requested at the end of each month.
• Any open trades are unrealised profit or loss. They are not taken into consideration unless they have been closed before the last day of the month.
• If the trader makes no profit in a given month, no profit will be paid until the trader recovers the losses
from the previous month and reaches a new high watermark profit.

how to withdraw

In order to withdraw, the Portfolio Manager has to send an email to LucidFX Funding Program requesting a withdrawal at the end of each month; otherwise, LucidFX Funding Program will assume that the Portfolio Manager wants to leave his/her profit share in the account.
• The Portfolio Manager will specify to LucidFX Funding Program, how much s/he wishes to withdraw and how much profit to leave in the account.
• Any profits paid out to our Portfolio Managers is deducted from the account balance.
• LucidFX Funding Program will also withdraw its 50% share of profits every time the funded trader requests a withdrawal.
However, the withdrawal will not affect the account growth, and it does not require the funded trader
to compensate for the profit withdrawn.


For example, suppose the funded trader passes a $12.5k evaluation and is now a Portfolio Manager on a $50K funded account. In that case, they will have a profit target of $6,250 (14%). If in this case, in their first month, the trader makes a profit of $3,000 (6%) bringing the account balance to $53,000; the funded trader will have three choices:

(a) withdraw the full amount,
(b) withdraw a partial amount, or
(c) keep the funds in as an extra buffer against drawdown.

Suppose the funded trader requests a withdrawal of his/her 50% profit share, which in this example is $1500.
Then, LucidFX Funding Program will also withdraw its 50% profit share ($1,500) from the funded account. Thus, the account balance will drop back to $50,000, and the trader’s fixed stop out level will remain $48,000.However, after withdrawal, the funded trader will only have to make the remaining $3,250 (6.5%) to complete
the profit target objective in the following time. This is because the funded trader has a target to generate
$6,250 in profit in total, and LucidFX Funding Program will not penalise the trader for withdrawing as they gradually make profits.